Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Library Learning Hub

Each Thursday room 19 and 24 combine for Library. It is an exciting space with wonderful furniture and a range of engaging activities. Some recent additions are the Lego wall, Puppet Show and Drawing table. The Learning Hub is fun!

Rally Robin

Each morning Room 24 uses a Kagan  strategy for learning called "Rally Robin"
Children select a partner, greet each other, complete a WALT, give a compliment and end by thanking their buddy. Next children are selected to be a role model and demonstrate best practice, whilst the remainder are an excellent audience. Here Jack and Poppy are counting backwards by 2's from 30 using the Activ-Board prompt if they need to.


Last week as part of Tinker-time Room 24 boys were roistered to use the Osmo kits. Coding is very popular and here is Norman solving a challenge. He was both excited and proud of his achievements.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Huff n Puffathon

It was truly an amazing event with lovely weather, parents to watch and cheer, house chants to inspire the teams and at the end a free pump bottle and wrist band. Room 24 would like to thank the PTA  for organising such a wonderful event!

Olympic Torches

Athena and Zoey are holding our Olympic torches so everyone can get a closer look.

Shapes are Fun

Lucas and Baxter read a story  and we decided to try the activity. We began with two squares and cut them in half vertically and diagonally and then folded them again to make four squares and four triangles, because we are learning that half of a half is a quarter. Antony and Neil experimented to make a rocket and the letter T or M.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Our Marvellous Marble Runs

The Olympic Torch

Today we made Olympic torches with the help of Mrs Bushill. We learned that the colours - yellow, blue and green are the colours of Brazil. The wavy shapes represent the sky, the mountains, the sea,  and the ground.  The triangular shape is a reminder of the Olympic values - excellence, friendship and respect. The torch is about 63 cms tall and is made of recycled aluminium. Mrs Dijkstra thought it was very special that the torch held so much meaning.

Black Out, Two Can Day

Last Friday we dressed in black to support our Olympian Team. Also the school Councillors visited our room and asked us to bring along one or two cans of food to donate to the Auckland City Mission. They collected in 1,100 cans. Well done Room 24 for helping to achieve such an amazing result.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Learning about our needs and wants

Today Room 24 were shown NZ coins and notes. We put them in order. We also talked about wants and needs. The speaker told us to "speed for our needs and wait for our wants" He told us about his pet goldfish and how it wanted a castle in it's fishbowl. He acted out the story, it was really funny!