Monday, 8 August 2016

The Olympic Torch

Today we made Olympic torches with the help of Mrs Bushill. We learned that the colours - yellow, blue and green are the colours of Brazil. The wavy shapes represent the sky, the mountains, the sea,  and the ground.  The triangular shape is a reminder of the Olympic values - excellence, friendship and respect. The torch is about 63 cms tall and is made of recycled aluminium. Mrs Dijkstra thought it was very special that the torch held so much meaning.


  1. Wow Room 24! You have taught us something about the Olympic torch. Thank you.
    From Room 13

  2. These were lots of fun to make Room 24 - I bet all your families loved them too :)

  3. What amazing torches you have made Room 24 and some really interesting learning as well, how awesome they all look.
    Kylee (Natasha's mum Rm13)